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ShapeBook is the ultimate structural steel quick reference and estimating software for steel industry professionals. ShapeBook is based on the AISC Steel Construction Manual 15th Edition plus the addition of large pipe sizes, small bar size materials, plate, flat bar, round bar, and square bar in US imperial and metric units. ShapeBook is the steel shape reference software of choice among steel construction professionals and students.

If you are looking for an affordable solution for estimating steel and coatings, look no further. The ShapeBook software is much more than just a steel shape reference. It includes a powerful estimating tool for steel, and coatings. The "Material Takeoff Tab" extends the weight, surface area, and pricing for all of the items in your material list".

The take-off material list can be easily revised and manipulated. List items can be deleted, re-priced, and sorted. The take-off material list will automatically expand and contract in length as the ShapeBook widow size is adjusted. The lists can be saved to files on your drive and loaded back into ShapeBook or imported into spreadsheet or database software. The "Print List" command prints the list with a custom title, date, page numbers, line numbers, and includes column and row outlines. The lists can be used as an advanced bill of materials if needed.

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This new Windows 10 release of ShapeBook and ShapeBookWith2D3DSteel provides a handy touch interface for Windows devices, uses version 15.0 of the AISC database, and continues the 20 plus year legacy of the ShapeBook and 2D3DSteel software. For more information please visit our ShapeBook and ShapeBookWith2D3DSteel page. To download a 30-day free trial visit one of the Microsoft store links below.

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We provide steel detailing services for steel fabricators and productivity steel detailing software for everyone working in steel construction. Our work involves the translation of industrial and commercial building designs into quality shop drawings for efficient steel fabrication and problem-free steel erection.

We utilize the SDS/2 3D steel detailing system to furnish 3D models, erection drawings, shop drawings, reports, KSS files, & CNC files to our customers as part of their steel fabrication products. Please see our detailing page for more information about our services and 20 plus year history. We are located in southwest Washington State on the south fork of the Toutle River near Mt. Saint Helens in the Pacific Northwest.

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ShapeBook is a structural steel shapes dimensions and properties productivity reference and a structural steel estimating software tool. ShapeBook runs on Windows and is based on the AISC Steel Construction Manual 13th Edition plus the addition of large pipe sizes, small bar size materials, plate, flat bar, round bar, and square bar in US imperial and metric units. ShapeBook is a handy tool to have at your fingertips while working with today's detailing software. Often when modeling a custom connection, finishing a layout, or check that estimate, it provides information that helps get the job done faster. Click here to learn more.

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2D3DSteel draws 2D and 3D structural steel shapes in AutoCAD. It is an AutoCAD VLX application and includes many new specialized commands for drawing and dimensioning structural steel. 2D3DSteel, running in cunjuction with ShapeBook, will run in any version of full AutoCAD from 2000 through 2020 32-bit and 64-bit. It does not run on the LT versions of AutoCAD. All of the shapes available in ShapeBook can be dynamically added to your CAD drawings by picking points and rotation angles. Using ShapeBook and 2D3DSteel with AutoCAD, you will have powerful drawing tools to quickly and accurately draw steel details, connections, and model structural and miscellaneous steel framing in 2D or as 3D models. 2D3DSteel has pull-down menus and 7 tool bars. 2D3DSteel includes automatic setup. Just add the application to your AutoCAD startup suite and your ready to go.

When using AutoCAD with 2D3DSteel, you will have versatile CAD tools to draw or model 2D and 3D structural and miscellaneous steel framing, connections, and details. Click here for more information, download a free 30 day trial, or to purchase a license with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Stair Calculator is a dimension calculation tool for building structural steel and aluminum stairs. It provides imperial or metric dimensional calculations for steel stair stringers, including length, miter, and bevel cuts, running dimensions for tread holes in the web and running dimensions for handrail post holes in the flange. With a choice of three framing conditions at the top and bottom, bolted or welded treads, and stringer material from the AISC Shapes Database v15.0 November 2017 edition, StairCalculator can calculate dimensions for almost any stair stringer configuration. The calculator accepts negative dimensions for some inputs so you can move the stringer above or below the finished floor and above or below the nosing line giving StairCalculator the flexibility you need when drawing, checking, and fabricating steel and aluminum stairs.

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Feet and Inch Engineering Tools is an advanced RPN construction calculator software solution built for feet & inches dimensional mathamatics used in steel detailing, structural engineering, & building construction. The software runs on HP48G, HP49G, & HP50G Handheld Graphing Calculators and their emulators on PC's, laptops, tablets, & smartphones, keeping the software at your fingertips wherever you work.

This software provides an essential set of integrated tools for steel detailers, engineers, and contractors. This software allows the user to solve simple or complex dimensional geometry in feet and inches without working with decimal equivalents. You can store all of the critical angles and dimensions for any project in your calculator or in a file on your personal computer. The data can be loaded back into your calculator whenever you need it. Click here for more information, or to purchase a license with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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