The StairCalculator app is designed for building metal stairs. It provides dimensional calculations for steel or aluminum stair stringers with a choice of three framing conditions at the top and three at the bottom. To use the app you select the Stair Schematics tab and choose a stringer type that matches the stringer configuration that you wish to build. The selected schematic will open in your systems default pdf viewer. Print a hard copy of the schematic or save a copy of the schematic pdf that you can edit. Then fill out the input dimensions on the schematic.
Input and Results Tab
Next click on the Input and Results tab and choose your Units setting (Imperial or Metric). Then enter the reference info, stair type, stringer material, tread type, running dimensions setting and the input dimensions from the schematic. Make sure to set the stair type to match the same type number as the schematic. When you are ready click the Calculate Stair button. If the results are as expected print them and use them with the schematic as required to complete a drawing, check a drawing, or with a little practice just build the stair right from the schematic and results.
The 9 stair types
StairCalculator runs in imperial or metric format. The Input and Results tab is split into two areas, the top is input from you, the bottom is output from the calculator. The column at the top left is reference and program control. The two top right columns are input dimensions. The five bottom columns are the calculated stringer dimensions. All these labeled dimensions correspond to the labeled dimensions on the stair schematics.
The type 2 stair schematic
Stair treads can be bolted or welded. Material depth dimensions for stringer materials are from the AISC Shapes Database v15.0 November 2017 edition. Running dimensions for web holes when treads are bolted and flange holes for bolted handrail posts are provided from the top end or the bottom end of the stair stringers. This is handy when the ends of both stringers of a stair are the same.
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